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A career is a life works in the making, thus I love what I do and I feel you should too! I also feel you should have fun doing it. I work hard to make a difference in the world. The Nathaniel D. Smith Center is excited to offer services that can assist you in your journey.

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Studying for a test or new job? Need a second set of eyes on that problem you’re trying to solve? Or are you looking to get ahead on that next assignment or class? I am here to help. Feel feel to check out my Resume on the skills I have acquired throughout my career and subjects I specialize in.

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Resume Review


Running my company (Blue Nova Technology, LLC) as thought me many lessons on how to spot talent, skills, and how to place the best people for the task at hand. I am happy to review your resume and give you feedback on how you can earn the position or dream job you are looking for. Order your resume review from me before you submit it to your next opportunity.

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I love sharing ideas on my expertise and experience on subjects that helped me move forward, develop and grow. My background in computer science and economics helps me navigate through the 21st century economy. I am most passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, and economics (Five Pillars). I am welcomed to share my thought leadership on these topics and my expertise’s as a entrepreneur to beginners and experts. Allow me to move you and inspire you into action to chase your dreams and personal/business goals.

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Computer Builds


Fun fact: I’ve built my very first computer, sophomore year in college, that is still running today (9 years running strong).  Though I designed and built it to my custom specs, It saved me a lot of money over the years from buying a new computer every 3-5 years, expensive maintenance fees and headaches with support. Building computers is something I enjoy doing along side teaching others about the components of computers. If you would like to learn more or even have a custom computer built for you. I would be happy to walk you though the steps and even built your very own personal computer that stands the test of time.

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